The Monkey Show




They always seem so stupid written out, but here it goes...


I laid it all out there fo you.
You didn't say a word.

You lay right there and stared right back at me
with your vacant pale blue eyes.
I know, you didn't think you'd see me here
behind your walls.

You didn't say a word.

i know. You don't have to tell me.
I know I can see it in your eyes. I can see it in your eyes.

I never thought that it could feel this way
to look at you.
Well things have changed. I know they've changed.
But, not how I feel for you.

You didn't say a word
You'll never say a word.

i know.


Don't you know you made it all worth while.
Even though you made an inch seem like a mile.
Steps struggle 'cross your broken tiles.
Why is it so damn hard to.

Breathe in. Breathe out.
Sometimes it's hard to remember.
When you're getting so close to me.

So I havn't seen you for a while.
I forgot how much I missed your smile.
it's time to give up on denile.
That's why it's so damn hard to.

If I'm not straining, I'm not heard
above the voices of a million others.
Still, my whispers all cut through to you.
It's no wonder I'm not breathing.


I want to take you for a ride.
To the coast where I can see inside you.
I wanna feel like you do.
I wanna love like you do.

So c'mon.
Let go.
It's time to get this show on the road again.
yeah it's time, I know.
It's time we get this show on the road again.

To another place in another town.
I feel like I'm goin around in a circle and I feel like these words are just wastin all of your time.

Blonde hair has turned brown.
And our world is upside down.
I don't know if I can adorn ya
anymore here in California.

I wanna take you for a ride.


You're the only reason I'd ever come back here,
but since you never let me tell you, yeah you made it clear...
I don't wanna be here anymore.

All for you.

i said that I wanna see you. You diddn't have the time.
If i got on a plane right now. That would be just fine.
I don't want to be here anymore.

I don't believe.
i don't think for a minute that I could.
I don't think that I'll stick around.
All for you.

All my friends they tell me I should give you a call,
but after you blew me off I didn't see a point to it all.

Through This

She broke my heart so I'll take you.
She made it so hard so i'll take you down with me.
I shouldn't be alone in my misery.

it took me so long so I faked it.
i'd get by, yeah I'd make it if you just came down with me.
I wouldn't be alone in my misery.

A girl like you could could free me from this teather.
A girl like you could get me though this weather.

i took it to far with you baby.
you came along so maybe you could just stay down with me.
We wouldn't be alone in our misery.

Best Time

yeah it took a while to see it.
But the sign was always there.
yeah you take and you leave it.

Were you ever really there?
I don't remember all the words that you said.
All I know is that you left me with "I had the best time."

An intoxicated evenin.
I liked the ribbons in your hair.
you said "Take it or I'm leavin..."


Does anybody care?
Does anybody dare?

I can hear you breathing.

I used to be somebody who cared.
i used to be somebody who dared.

i can hear you breathing
from accross the world. I hear you.
Your breath is ringing in my ear
and it's all I can do to tell myself that I don't care.